Do you need a new car? Don’t worriy, Mozzart Bet has made sure your dreams come true.

It looks amazing, but it’s true. From April 18, 2022 to May 15, 2022, Mozzart Bet has prepared a big competition HIT THE BIGGEST ODDS for you, in which you can win daily and weekly prizes, and for the end we have left the best – NISSAN KICKS car!!

Every day the ticket with the highest hit odds wins JBL BT headphones (28 pcs).

The best ticket during the week will be won by I Phone 13 PRO (4 pcs).

And finally the best! The NISSAN KICKS will win, the player who will have the best card during the competition.

If you are not registered, register now and try to put together the best ticket!

If you have an open account on our site, log in, deposit funds and enjoy.

5    Winning ticket in the fight for Nissan Kicks

                                                    Ticket ID


                                                     WIN ODDs


(The player has already won headphones with another ticket, so this ticket is not in competition for headphones. According to the rules, a player can only receive the same prize once.)


Winner of the weekly iPhone 13 PRO award (18.04.-24.04.)

                                                    Ticket ID


                                                     WIN ODDs


Winner of the weekly iPhone 13 PRO award (25.04.-01.05.)

                                                    Ticket ID


                                                     WIN ODDs


Winner of the weekly iPhone 13 PRO award (02.05.-08.05.)

                                                    Ticket ID


                                                     WIN ODDs


Winner of the weekly iPhone 13 PRO award (09.05.-15.05.)

                                                    Ticket ID


                                                     WIN ODDs


Daily competition winners – JBL headphones

Date                                            Ticket ID                                Win odds

18.04.2022           4998-5427158-2015                 10.59

19.04.2022           4998-1788498-2016                 10.42

20.04.2022           4998-9818097-2016                   4.72 

21.04.2022           4998-6186302-2016                 89.81

22.04.2022           4998-7734227-2017                 15.61

23.04.2022                         /

24.04.2022           4998-2884976-2017                 15.55

25.04.2022                         /

26.04.2022           4998-6965304-2018                  7.35

27.04.2022                         /

28.04.2022           4998-9431910-2018                  9.23

29.04.2022           4998-5092034-2019                 57.01

30.04.2022           4998-7690784-2019                 40.17

01.05.2022           4998-8905793-2019                 132.6 

02.05.2022           4998-6616913-2019                   1.51

03.05.2022                          /

04.05.2022           4998-2870009-2020               182.68

05.05.2022                          /

06.05.2022            4998-4911171-2021                  3.49

07.05.2022                          /

08.05.2022            4998-7439603-2021                22.72

09.05.2022            4998-9412221-2021                10.86     

10.05.2022            4998-9106570-2021                  7.40

11.05.2022            4998-4856595-2022                88.21

12.05.2022            4998-1493062-2022                  2.63

13.05.2022            4998-7408642-2023                  4.33

14.05.2022            4998-6500609-2023                 13.94

15.05.2022                           /




                                                                      Terms & Conditions
                                                              Of Participation in the Promotion
                                                                    “HIT THE HIGHEST ODDS”
Article 1
MOZZARTBET GHANA LTD, a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Ghana, having
its registered office at 27 Mission Street Extension, Osu-RE, Accra, Ghana (hereinafter: the
Organizer), organizes a promotion “Hit the Highest Odds”.

Article 2
The promotional contest shall take place in April and May 2022, since the 18
th of April from 00:01h
until the 15th of May to 11:59 p.m.

All participants in betting who participate in betting via electronic means of communication – online
via the website and / or via mobile application, are eligible to be contestant
in the promotion (hereinafter: the participant).
All persons must be 18 years of age or over at the time of participation and have a permanent place
of residence in the Republic of Ghana to be eligible to participate.
The Promotion consists of three parts: (1) daily promotions (28 promotions for every day of
promotion), (2) weekly promotions (4 promotion for best participant in the past week) and (3) grand
promotion, with the winner of the promotion (customer with the highest odds).
The winner of daily promotion is a participant who has the highest winning odd on that particular day
in promotion, weekly winner is participant who has the highest odd for the past week and the winner
of the grand promotion is one participant, who has the biggest total winning odd on his/her multibet slip during the entire duration of promotion and has answered the prize question asked by the
In case that two or more participants have same number of points (because they hit the highest
odds), the participant who paid the multi-bet first, shall have the precedence.
The multi-bets in this article must meet, also, cumulatively the following conditions:
1) Only winning multi-bets from the category “Betting” are included in the promotion with a
minimum of 4 matches and a minimum stake of GHS 2;
2) Only the tickets paid during the period of promotion will take part in the contest (from
18.04.2022. from 00:01h to 15.05.2022. until 11:59 p.m.);
3) System multi-bet slips don’t take part in the contest. Only non-systemic “Betting” multi-bet
slips are valid;
4) In the event that the kick-off of a sporting event is postponed, the ticket still participates in
the promotion, but will wait a maximum of 50 hours to confirm the outcome of the event.
5) All events on the Bet-slip must be sports events (results of individual or group sports events,
a certain event during a sports competition, etc.)
6) Live Bet tickets, JP tickets, Mozzart Bet refunds tickets and Virtual tickets shall not be taken into
account within the scope of this promotional contest. The bet-slip may contain matches with
Bonus odds.
7) The beginning of all sports events on the ticket must not be earlier than 00:01, April 18th
2022. Otherwise, the ticket shall not be taken into account, i.e. it does not meet the conditions
for participation in the promotion.
8) All participating bet slips must be from that promotional day. The beginning of the last sports
event that is on the bet slip must be no later than 11:59 PM on the day when the bet slip was
played. Bet slips that have matches from several promotional days are not included in the
9) The winner of the daily prize is one participant who will have won a multi-bet with the biggest
total winning odd for that day of the promotion, during the promotion “Hit the highest odds.”
This means the multi-bet must be won in-order to qualify for the promotion.
10)The winner of the weekly prize is one participant who will have won a multi-bet with the
biggest total winning odd for the following weeks/periods in April and May 2022: 18-24.04
11.59 pm, 25.04-01.05. 11.59pm, 02.05-08.05. 11.59pm and 09.05-15.05. 11.59pm
11)The winner of the Promotion and the winner of the grand prize is one participant who has won
a multi-bet with the biggest total winning odd during the promotion “Hit the highest odds”
and has answered the prize question asked by the Organizer.
12)One customer can win only one daily prize and one weekly prize during the Promotion and
will be in consideration for the grand prize also.
Each player can play an unlimited number of tickets during the period of promotion.

Article 4
By payment of tickets that meet the requirements of Article 3 of these Terms & Conditions –
participants in the promotion give explicit consent that their personal names may be published on
the list of the most successful participants.

Article 5
The organizer awards 33 prizes for participants in the promotion:
1. 18.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
2. 19.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
3. 20.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
4. 21.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
5. 22.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
6. 23.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
7. 24.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
8. 24.04.2022. iPhone 13 – weekly prize
9. 25.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
10. 26.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
11. 27.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
12. 28.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
13. 29.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
14. 30.04.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
15. 01.05..2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
16. 01.05.2022. iPhone 13 – weekly prize
17. 02.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
18. 03.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
19. 04.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
20. 05.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
21. 06.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
22. 07.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
23. 08.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
24. 08.05.2022. iPhone 13 – weekly prize
25. 09.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
26. 10.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
27. 11.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
28. 12.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
29. 13.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
30. 14.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
31. 15.05.2022. JBL headphone – daily prize
32. 15.05.2022. iPhone 13 – weekly prize
33. Winner of the promotion with the biggest winning odd – NISSAN KICKS 2WD Automatic.
Ticket ID with the biggest total winning odd, along with the name of the winner will be released, at
the latest, 3 days later, because of the chance of a postponed match, on the promo page
The condition for awarding prizes is multi-bet that meets all the requirements of Article 3, and the
participants are required to appear in Organizers office no later than five (5) days from the date of
completion of the competition.
In case that participants do not appear at Organizer offices within the period from the previous
paragraph, the winners of the competition will be the persons with the next best ticket with the
biggest total winning odd who appear within five (5) days from the previous deadline.
The rule from the previous paragraph is also applied in possible cases of non-appearance of
participants with the following best tickets within the specified deadline.
Player who wins a prize in the competition cannot change the prize for money, or for any other prize.

Article 6
The date and place of the awards ceremony will be announced on the website
When receiving the prizes, the winners are obliged to give their personal data to the representative
of the Organizer, and to show valid identification document (a valid ID card or passport), as well as
to sign a confirmation of receipt of the prize or a record of the handover of the prize.
The winner of the grand prize, and every winner of the weekly and daily prizes, by paying the bet
slip gives the Organizer consent and the right that the Organizer or the agency hired by the Organizer
for the purpose of promoting the Promotion which is subject of these Terms & Conditions, can use
their personal data: personal name (first name, middle name and surname), image, as well as audio,
photo or video material, without the right to compensation and without limits in the manner of use,
as well as without time and territorial limits or limits regarding the number of use.

Article 7
These Terms & Conditions of Promotion are published on the, and come
into force on the day of publication.